To strengthen these target areas, students engage in interactive computer games, which provide systematic, individualized instruction and practice in listening and other early literacy skills to improve phonemic awareness. However, this program is also used outside the computer lab in the classroom to further enhance reading skills. Students strengthen vocabulary and oral language skills while participating in classroom activities that encourage the development of expressive language, comprehension, and the production of sounds, words, and stories. Students explore and develop alphabet knowledge through engaging, hands-on activities, word cards, and alphabet manipulatives. Manipulating letters on Alphabet Mats and practicing with decodable words and sentences, students extend their letter and sound knowledge into decoding and spelling. Also, students practice reading comprehension by reading stories both independently and with teachers, using Big Books, corresponding little books, Take-Home books, talking CD-ROM books, and books on audiocassette and videotape. In order to develop composition skills, students participate in shared and independent writing activities. Through these activities, the Earobics program has been designed to ensure that all students have the foundational literacy skills they need to be successful readers. Earobics Literacy Launch provides rich, diverse language experiences and facilitates the transition from spoken to written language. Earobics was purchased through the Reading First Grant and is being implemented as a supplemental program to Central’s current S.F.A. (Success For All) reading program.


Earobics is a researched-based, supplemental early literacy program being used at Central Elementary. This computer-based software program targets the following areas for enhancing reading abilities:

• phonemic awareness
• vocabulary and oral language skills
• alphabet knowledge
• decoding and spelling
• reading comprehension